News: Using Trendlines in Excell 2007

Using Trendlines in Excell 2007

How to use trendlines in Excell 2007

In this tutorial I will show you how to use trendlines in microsoft excell 2007. Trendlines can only be used for certain types of charts. 

Charts that cannot be used for a trendline:

  • Stacked-chart, 3D, Radar, Pie-chart, surface-chart, donut-chart

Let me show you step by step how to create a trendline:

Step 1 Go to the "design tab" to change your chart type

Step 2 Change to a clustered column chart (as an example)

Using Trendlines in Excell 2007

Step 3 Go to chart tools 

This is where you can select trendline options. Now you can choose between 4 different types of trendline: Linear, exponential, Linear forecast, two period moving average.

If you have more than one data series for your chart, you can choose which data series you would like to add the trendline.

Using Trendlines in Excell 2007

Step 4 Changing the legend layout (to the side of the chart) 

Select the Legend that you are working on in your Excell sheet. (You can change the name for the trendline name in the legend menu, which is part of the chart tools.)

Using Trendlines in Excell 2007

Step 5 Trendline options

You can format the trendline by selecting it in the dropdown menu on the left of the chart tools tab. Here you can change the attributes and the name of the trendline. (colour, type, etc.)


  • You can add various trendlines to the same chart for each individual data serie.
  • View the video tutorial here.

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