News: Create Cool Video Tutorials - Free Screen Capture in Windows - Part 2.

Create Cool Video Tutorials - Free Screen Capture in Windows - Part 2.

Creating your own video tutorials - part 2.

In this second part of our tutorial series on how to create your own video tutorial for free we will go into editing your video using Windows Movie Maker, which is provided free with all new versions of Windows. Read the first article on video capture by clicking here!

So, to learn how to edit and post your own video tutorials just keep reading!

What you need

  • Windows 7 or Vista for this tutorials (although you could use other OS)
  • screen capture program: windows media encoder (Jing or Camtasia are other options) you can download free versions easily!
  • Windows Movie Maker

Step 1 Editing videos for free - Windows movie maker.

This video tutorial takes you through the basiscs of using Windows Movie Maker. You will learn how easy it is to quickly edit your screen capture into a professional video.

basics of using Windows Movie Maker by

Step 2 Cool transitions.

Lean how to create cool transitions with this video tutorial.

video transitions.

Step 3 Embedding video into a blogpost

This video tutorial shows you how to embed a video into a new post using Wordpress. The process is similar for blogger or other blogging platforms.

inserting and embedding videos into your blog


  • Have a professional create a cool intro for you using For as little as 5 $ you can have an amazing intro created for your company which will add that professional look to your work.

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