How To: Favourite Tutorial of This Week!

Favourite Tutorial of This Week!

Word 2007 Rocks! but...

Are you getting the most out of Microsoft's Word 2007? 

Have a look at this video tutorial (below) on how to add fill effects in word 2007. We go through the process of adding textures, gradients and images to shapes. Once you get the hang of using these special graphic effects you will be able to add some instant spice to your (plain) Word 2007 documents.

Just check out the simple steps below and then watch the video tutorial.

Step 1 Go to the insert tab (insert a shape as example)


  • Now the drawing tools open as soon as you creata a shape.

Step 2 Choose the fill of the shape you have created (or even use a picture as a fill)

Step 3 Choose the gradient or texture from the fill menu in the drawing tools section.

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